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Our Full Service Design Service Options

Are you finally ready for that much needed big remodel of your current home? Or maybe you are redoing your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps even tearing out walls and adding space? Maybe you are taking a big step and building your dream home. Working with a registered interior designer is a good place to start. Get started with our Complete Design Services, Rust Design at Once, or a Paint Emergency.


Complete Design Services

We'll start with an initial meeting/consultation. This is where we get to know each other and I learn about the scope of your project, your priorities, the timing. Bring your magazine articles, photos, house plans to help me better understand your ideas. We'll mutually decide if we are a good fit and begin the design process.

We begin with a signed Letter of Agreement where we detail the scope of work and payment process. Full Service Design is billed on an hourly basis and billed monthly. As all people and projects are unique and individualized, it is difficult to estimate the final costs. If needed, I can provide you with examples from similar projects. Are you a quick decision maker? Do you need to see many options? My job is to assist you with budgets, timelines, selection of materials and products and installation. I partner with you and work as your advocate through all phases of your design project. I'm here to guide you on every decision - as little or as much as you need.

Rust Design At Once

A Solution for your Design Dilemma

Need direction? Need help with a problem room? Need a professional opinion? Need help choosing paint colors?

A one on one design consultation in your home with Stephen Rust may be the answer. This consultation is meant to answer specific questions about your home in 90 minutes. This is a one-time event. Once we have a consultation, you can either choose to go on your own with information I've given you or you can move forward as full service design client. I cannot work on the same project again and again with multiple consults but am happy to continue your project with our complete design service. The fee for Rust Design At Once is $375.00, payable upon my arrival at your home.

To obtain the most from your 90 minute consultation, be prepared:
  1. What do you want to achieve in this visit? Do you have a specific look that you like? How do you want the space to feel? Photos from Pinterest and Instagram are fine to gain idea of what you like but please limit it to 5 photos.
  2. Make a list of what your design problems/issues are. Start with your biggest dilemma and work down. I may or may not be able to get through your entire list in 90 minutes. Prioritize!
  3. Let me know how much you are willing to do. Do you have limits on how much you want to spend or how long it will take? I need to know if you are willing to tear apart a room and start from scratch (this could mean tearing down walls and replacing furniture) or if realistically you can only consider new paint, rearranging the furniture, or rehanging artwork.
  4. I will want to see your entire home because everything needs to work together. However, I cannot design your whole home in 90 minutes so don't get too ambitious.
  5. Don't worry about cleaning up. You live there and so do your kids and pets.
  6. Take notes. I will verbally recap my thoughts and suggestions to you at the end of our 90 minute visit.

Rust Design At Once may be the guidance you need to get your project on track. Imagine 172 hours of uninterrupted time with a professional interior designer with 40 years experience in decorating and design of homes of every style and price range.

A Paint Emergency

Have you looked at so many paint color samples that the paint chips float in your head at night when you try to fall asleep? Do the employees of the local paint store know you by name? Or, worse yet, do they run the other way when you come in the door? Have you painted that one room multiple times and the color still doesn't look right? Why doesn't it look like you envisioned it would? How can you finally find the right color?

Or do you realize that there are professional interior designers that are trained to solve problems like yours? That there are people who do this for a living? They can prevent the "highly exaggerated" nightmare scenario described above from happening to you. Contact Stephen Rust Design Studio and declare a "Paint Emergency".

I will come to your home for a 60 minute paint consultation. I will bring my extensive library of full size paint samples. Obviously, I cannot pick paint colors for your entire home in an hour. So choose your biggest problem room or two for this visit. And remember I can also help you with exterior paint choices. The fee for Paint Emergency is $200.00, payable upon my arrival at your home.

Declaring a Paint Emergency may be just what you need to finish your room. Or perhaps it is just the start of your project and we can move forward with our full design service.

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