The Value of Hiring an Interior Designer


Why should you hire an interior designer? Hiring an interior designer is a time and energy saving solution to design and aesthetic problems in your home or business. When you hire Stephen Rust to design or remodel your home or commercial space, he always starts with an initial consultation and walkthrough of the whole space. This gives Stephen a chance to see how each segment of the home or business flows; and is an important step in the design process even if you only have one room that needs design work. The goal of great interior design is to create a seamless flow from room to room as well as increase the usability and client satisfaction of the space as a whole.

Interior Designers Take All Elements into Account

A trained pair of eyes can tackle a design project much more quickly and efficiently than your average person. Stephen takes all of the elements of your space into account when making recommendations. Something as simple as changing the color temperature of your lighting may make all the difference in how a piece of furniture complements the wall color.

Interior Designers Know How to Use Color

Part of an interior designer’s value is also bringing new ideas to your attention that you may be intimidated to try. Do you get confused by colors and have trouble figuring out what is timeless and what is a brief-lived trend? Careful research and years of experience in all aspects of interior design means that Stephen can answer your color dilemmas. Stephen knows how to incorporate color, tones and texture in a way that is fun and lively or sophisticated and refined, without being overpowering or messy.

Interior Designers Save Clients Valuable Time and Energy

Stephen Rust has access to and is knowledgeable about a wide variety of different furniture, art, accessory, flooring, window treatments, and paint resources. Not to mention all of the exterior choices such as siding, shingles, brick, stone, exterior lighting, plumbing, cabinets and more. Imagine trying to tackle all of this yourself when your builder says he needs to know what stone you want to use on your new home. Where do you go to even begin to look? How do you coordinate all of the choices into a finished look? Does this stone even go with the siding color?The well-meaning person at the stoneyard or brickyard has no idea what the rest of your house looks like. Trying to tackle this design project yourself ends up costing you more money and more time than if you had hired an interior designer for the project to begin with.

Interior designers work with you to figure out your goals and likes and dislikes for the space. They use that knowledge, plus their industry knowledge, to pull together different colors or materials that will work together in a great way.

Interior designers also work within your budget. They help you with decisions that deal with money and allowances and overages. Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more to get a certain look. But Stephen can also guide you in ways to save money and still get the look you want. He is an advocate for you with every other person working on your project. He is the one who will have the hard conversation with the builder or electrician or plumber to make sure your ideas are heard.

Every person has their own unique perspective on what makes a space “right” for them. Stephen will listen to you and use his expertise, resources and years of experience as a registered interior designer to make sure your home or office reflects you. So that it becomes exciting but familiar; inspirational yet functional. The space you dreamed about is suddenly real because you hired the help to make it come true.

Ready for a redesign?

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