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Full Service Interior Design in Columbia, MO

There are a lot of interior design companies out there, but none offer the same personal touch that Stephen Rust Design Studio does. When you hire Stephen Rust Design Studio, your residential or commercial interior design project is handled by Stephen Rust, himself; not an associate.

Stephen Rust Design Studio offers full service interior design that incorporates color schemes, lighting, flooring, window treatments, artwork and more.

Stephen Rust is an Experienced Residential Interior Designer

Residential interior design and room planning should be handled by someone with expertise and experience in the field. Stephen Rust is a registered interior designer with a multi-generational history in the residential design industry. In a world that relies on computer-based models and impersonal processes, Stephen Rust takes your personality, how you use your home and what’s important to you into account before making recommendations. He often draws a design element or room plan by hand for better perspective. You should never feel the need to change your personal style or what you love to be considered stylish or desirable in the interior design world. First and foremost, your home should be a reflection of you. Stephen Rust Design Studio is here to put you first and create a space you love.


Stephen Rust starts each and every interior design project with a walkthrough of your entire home, even if he’s only been hired to design a single room. He considers how all of the rooms in a space operate together and how they’re used in order to make the best possible recommendations to create a space the client will love. As an interior designer with a history in mid-Missouri, Stephen Rust is often hired before contractors or other workers in new construction or remodeling projects. Stephen can look at floor plans and make suggestions for how spaces can be better utilized or create a smoother transition from room to room. His expertise is also vital in helping you make choices for the exterior of your home. Decisions on siding, shingles, brick or stone, lighting and much more is vital to the final appearance of your home.


Whether you’re in search of kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom design ideas, Stephen Rust is ready to help make your house a home you love. No project is too large or small for his experienced eye.


Commercial and Restaurant Interior Design

Stephen Rust loves solving problems. If your office or other commercial space is not being utilized to its full potential, it may be time to call in an experienced commercial interior designer to tackle the problem. Stephen Rust can analyze the existing structure and make changes that will improve employee workflows, create a more attractive space for clients or customers, and give a breath of fresh air to outdated spaces.


Stephen Rust can choose wallpaper or flooring, fix lighting issues, reupholster or restore furniture, choose artwork and more for commercial interior design.

Interior Design with an Eye for Art


As a part-time oil painter, Stephen Rust has an eye for wonderful pieces of art. If your art piece needs proper illumination, installation or custom framing, Stephen Rust Design Studio can handle it. We also specialize in fine art repair in mid-Missouri.

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Do you have a residential or commercial space in need of a revitalization? Give Stephen Rust Design Studio a call at 573-445-4785.