Columbia, Missouri’s Premier Interior Designer

Stephen Rust combines fine furniture, fashion-forward designs and improved utility to create a space you’ll never want to leave.

Years of Experience in Residential and Commercial Interior Design

With more than 40 years in the industry, Stephen Rust has worked with projects of all types and sizes.

Interior Design with a Personal Touch

When you hire Stephen Rust Design Studio, you will work directly with Stephen Rust and not an associate. He handles each project with careful consideration. Your home should first and foremost be a reflection of you!

Personalized Design in Columbia, Missouri

Stephen Rust is a local interior designer with years of experience improving the design qualities of homes, apartments, restaurants and offices. His favorite interior design projects are ones where the current design has created a problem for the client’s lifestyle or business that Stephen needs to solve.

Why hire an interior designer?

Greater enjoyment of your home
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Improved functionality of your space
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Save money by leaving projects to professionals
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Save time for more important things in your life

Greater Enjoyment

Being able to sit and completely enjoy the look and feel of your home or residential space is a wonderful feeling. You’ll feel more confident and more relaxed if your bulky cabinets or oddly-placed wall is not constantly distracting you. Additionally, a home with great design is meant to be shared with others. With a home designed by Stephen Rust, you’ll want to host the holidays with family every year!

Improved Functionality

There’s nothing worse than a space that works against you and not for you. Whether that’s a ill-lit and poorly laid out office space that slows down your employees’ workflows or a living room that doesn’t allow everyone to sit together, improving the functionality of your space can be truly life-changing.

Better Investment

The rise of Pinterest also brought the rise of DIY-ing. While the idea of DIY-ing is great in theory, making mistakes can often cost you more money in the long run. Hire a professional to tackle your commercial and residential interior design projects. Investing upfront in a quality job will save you from spending money on frivolous projects you won’t like in a few years’ time.

Time Efficient

You’re busy; we get that! The time spent trying to design your own home or commercial space could be better spent making memories with friends and family. Many people underestimate how daunting interior design tasks can be, and get stuck in the middle of the process. Save yourself the stress and give Stephen Rust Design Studio a call for your interior design needs.

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